A Note from Father Ed:

In making the Patron of Weight Loss card, Joseph Roy and Mary Beth Najarian prepared separate poems.

Both poems were so excellent that it was decided to have two separate cards made. If you are requesting cards, please specify which of the two cards or combinations of cards you desire.

Version A by
Joseph Roy
- OR - Version B by
Mary Beth Najarian
Card A   Card B

To download larger PDFs of both cards click Card A or Card B

To request copies of Card A or Card B, please email your request to Father Nadolny at PatronofWeightLoss@yahoo.com.

Please specify the quantity of Card A and Card B you are requesting.

Please include the address to which you would like the cards mailed.

For further information, please contact:
Father Nadolny
Good News Fund
48 Cottage Street
East Berlin, CT 06023.

Courtesy of Court Reporters Museum