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(c) 2007-2010 by
Williams Parsons


Improved NCRA Court Reporter Listing advertising policies


  1. Copy of 37 Court Reporter Listing ads listed in no order from the December 1992 JCR
  2. List of 38 cities in no order as they appeared in a 1992 JCR Court Reporter Listing ad section
  3. Proposed new format of the December 1992 JCR Court Reporter Listings with a color-coded index of cities and the cities listed under color-coded city headings
  4. Copy of the September 2010 JCR Court Reporting Listing ads showing a 57% loss of California advertisers since 1992
  5. Bar chart of lost advertisers from 1992 through 2000
  6. Line chart showing the decline of ads from 1992 through 2000
  7. November 15, 2010 letter to the NCRA board of directors